Coaching with Boostr Displays

December, 2017

Boostr Display Tables were created to not only show scores and times, but also to help with coaching and practices. Read more...

Rise of Technology in Sports and Boostr Display Products

October, 2017

The rise of technology has helped sports progress in many ways. Fans see instant replays to relive the best moments of the game; Displays throughout stadiums help show current scores of the game; Equipment has become more user-friendly. Boostr Display Products are a great way to help your sports programs keep up. Read more...

Raising Money for the Booster Club with Boostr Digital Displays

October, 2017

Every school year, booster clubs come up with various creative ways to help raise money for their programs. While these planned events and fundraisers are great for bringing in revenue and connecting with the community, even more funds can be generated utilizing the advertising space offered on a Boostr Digital Display at school sporting events.

Schools can take full advantage of the digital board by selling advertising space to local businesses or national brands wanting to target their messages towards the local high school sports fan. Read more...

Simple Tips for Staying Safe When Fundraising

September, 2017

There are many different types of fundraisers out there, and some great options for schools specifically could be car washes, bake sales, raffles, and even yard sales. These are not only great ways to raise funds for school equipment, but they are also a great opportunity to get parents, teachers, and students working together for a great cause.

Fundraising is very common especially among schools and organizations, but what many people do not consider is the safety aspect. While fundraising is generally not a dangerous endeavor, there are still precautions that need to be taken to ensure the safety of all involved. Read more...

Boost Your Boostr Display With Accessories and Ad-Ons

September, 2017

Already loving you Boostr Digital Display and looking to put some finishing touches on your score table? Boostr Displays has the perfect lineup of Accessories and Add-Ons to help you be game-ready this fall. Here are just a few of our featured Accessories and Add-Ons available.Read more...

Start The New Fall 2017 School Year With Any Boostr Product

August, 2017

Ah, the start of a fresh school year. There's nothing quite like it. The promise of autumn lingers in the air as the semester opens with new classes, books, and friends. Excited whispers zip through the hallways as both students and staff alike look forward to one of the most popular extracurricular activities that's returned - sports season.

The start of a new school year is an extraordinarily important time. First-timers are learning the ropes while veterans have a system down pat, but one thing remains the same: schools love sports. Surrounding communities enjoy cheering on their local team and there's no better way to drum up school spirit, or school funds, than by rallying for the big game against your team's rival! Read more...

Benefits of a Digital Scorer's Table for High School Sports Teams

August, 2017

Every coach wants the best for their team, but not every coach has the resources of a professional team, where no expense is spared for the betterment of their players. However, with today's technology, it is easier than ever to make your players feel like they are playing in a college or pro program. A digital display from Boostr is an easy and cost-efficient way to bring your school's athletics into the 21st century. Read more...

Boost Your Men's Sports With A Digital Scoring Table From Boostr

August, 2017

Sports are constantly evolving to make the games safer and to make games more entertaining for fans. In order to make the game more entertaining, one thing teams and facilities must keep up with is the digital age that is upon us. A digital scoring table from Boostr Digital Displays is the perfect way to boost your program to the next level and enhance the experience for fans.

A digital scoring table from Boostr is perfect for men's basketball and volleyball! Read more...

Boostr Display Products

August, 2017

Boostr's cutting edge digital scoring tables are more than worthy of being our flagship products. Equally suited for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and many other sports, they are available in any size you can imagine, from eight feet long all the way up to 20 feet. And most importantly, every purchase of a Boostr table comes with advertisement space to fundraise money, coaching apps that can take your team to the next level.

But did you know that Boostr also offers a wide variety of accessories and upgrades that will further enhance your Boostr table experience? Read more...

Why Women's Sports are so Important to Us

July, 2017

Parents want to see their boys and their girls succeed in any way they can, and sports, especially in this country, are a reliable gateway to furthering education. Sports are an extra-curricular, but they hold a certain place in the American heart, which is why college scholarships and even the reason for acceptance to a college, are so often based on a child's ability on the playing field or gym floor. Read More...

Why Your School Needs A Digital Scoring Table From Boostr Digital Displays

July, 2017

Digital scoreboards are all the rave. In fact, digital anything is continually moving to the top in a number of industries and school sports are no different.

Whether it's basketball, volleyball, or another sport every game keeps score and every game needs a countdown clock. Yes, our digital scoring tables accomplish these basic tasks, but they also offer much more than your standard run-of-the-mill scoreboard. Read More...