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The digital tables have added a professional feel to our game day environment. The tables couldn't be easier to use, and the customer support we have received has been phenomenal. Our coaches and players love them and we couldn't be happier.

Paul Bailey, Wallace State Community College Athletic Director

We had a booster club meeting to show how the Boostr Digital Display Table could enhance our atmosphere and raise funds for all programs. Since the meeting we were able to sell all of the 3 static panels on the 14 foot for $1,500 a piece per year. The other part that was great was they all signed a 2 year contract that was provided in our packet with Boostr. That’s comforting knowing we have that revenue in place for a minimum of 2 years. Then we were able to sell 60 digital ads on the table for $350 a piece. After one short meeting we raised 30 thousand on the table. This may be the best investment we have ever made.

Chad Prewitt Head Basketball Coach at Lee Scott Academy in Auburn, Alabama school has a 14 foot

The feature I love the most on the Boostr Digital Display table is being able to show my girls film right on the court before and during practice. I am a firm believer that kids are visual and they learn when they can actually see themselves on film. The convenience of being able to show clips of our opponent or review situations of our game right on the practice floor is a great time saver. We also utilize the clock feature on the table to help us stay on track during practice when we go drill to drill. This keeps us from having to set up our clock for each practice in the past I felt like I may have gone too long on a certain segments in practice and this keeps organized. We also utilize the app with the court diagram to draw plays that all players can see on the 2 monitors.

Teri Morrisson Associate AD and Womens Head Coach South Lake Carroll High School in Carroll, Texas

The Boostr Digital Display seems like a perfect fit for all of the 5 High Schools in our district. We were able to assist all of our schools in purchasing a table for each gym. We were able to set a Marketing plan to sell ads that could run in each school but, also gave each school the flexibility to secure sponsors that could run exclusively on their digital monitors. We also set up a time to bring all administrators and coaches from each school and 2 of the owners came out to give us a full demonstration of all the features on the table. This allowed each school to get all questions answered at one time. We believe these tables can assist all the schools working together to give the kids a better experience.

Roneka Lee Assistant Director of Athletics for Pasadena ISD in Pasadena, Texas

It took me almost a year to convince our administration to allow us to advertise at events at the school. They were just against hanging signs all in the gym. The Boostr Digital Display Table solved all those worries by allowing us to be on the cutting edge and run the advertising on the digital monitors. This gives us a much cleaner look and gives us the flexibility to add advertisers throughout the academic year. Trinity Presbyterian is an Apple school so the table tied in very nicely to our academic side as well. In the first month we sent out emails to all parents on teams who used the gym, explaining that they had the opportunity to run a digital ad at all home contest. We counted that with all teams we would have 86 athletic contest in the gym during the entire academic year. We raised 20 thousand dollars in the first month without even having a real plan in place. We will look to almost double that amount next year when we have the complete advertising package to go out and sale. My administration asked me the other day why we didn’t do this a long time ago and I just laughed.

Harold Hilliard Athletic Director at Trinity Presbyterian in Montgomery Alabama school has a 12 foot table

The Boostr Digital Display table has really made our fund raising much easier for all the programs. The clear digital ads that run during each game really make each business feel like their money was well spent. In the past we have ads buried in the back of programs or hung on the wall. These do not look nearly as professional and cost the booster club printing cost. The ease of the just having a business email their logo or information to the tablet provided with the table and then placed in the presentation makes our job a lot easier. People also like the fact they can easily change adds throughout the season and will not incur any printing cost.

Howard Hoffman Booster Club President at Norcross HS in Atlanta, Georgia

My teammates and I really love the Boostr Digital tables. Seeing your picture popping up on the screen during warm-ups and starting line ups gives us the feeling of a college program. We really appreciate all the new equipment we have been able to afford due to the money generated from the ads.

Ryan Cross senior guard at Beloit High School


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