Boostr was founded in 2012 by Greg Crowe, a high school basketball coach who wanted an affordable way to run digital advertising for his team. He and assistant  coach Matthew Renicks built the first Boostr table in their garage while coaching together in Tuscaloosa, Al. In addition to a digital display for scoring, he saw great success with fundraising through the table. Other schools in the area saw the success his team was having with fundraising and wanted a table for their school.

Boostr has since expanded it’s product line to offer more affordable digital products to schools nationwide. We now offer indoor and outdoor video displays of all sizes for all projects.


First on the Boostr lineup, meet Greg Crowe, President and Founder at Boostr. In the basketball world, Greg has seen it all as player and as coach. He started Boostr while coaching High School basketball because he saw the need not only for an affordable scorer’s table but also one that could generate revenue for the program. Today, in addition to CEO, Greg leads the company in new product development.


Next on the Boostr lineup, meet Collin Crowe, CFO, here at Boostr. Collin is a hometown guy and was on the first basketball team to receive a digital score table from Boostr. From seeing how it impacted his team in such a tremendous way, (purchased new uniforms, shooting machines, and team trips) he realized that every school in the country could benefit from these tables the same way his high school team did.


Introducing our next player, Jonathan McCray, Director of Operations and Logistics at Boostr. As a Marine Corps veteran, Jonathan appreciates the invaluable skillset learned through sports, like teamwork, leadership and responsibility. His favorite part about Boostr products is that they are able to be a tool for schools to be able to raise funds for their programs. Jonathan puts his heart and soul into each table made at Boostr, so if you’re wondering who the face is behind each handmade Boostr product, Jonathan is your guy.