Top Five Reasons to Have a Boostr Digital Scorer’s Table

Top Five Reasons to Have a Boostr Digital Scorer’s Table

Boostr Displays can provide your athletic department with much more than simply a high-quality, digital display. If you are interested in providing additional income for your school, creating partnerships within your community, or enhancing a game or event experience, then a Boostr digital scorer’s table might just be the perfect investment for your school. Below are the top five reasons to have a Boostr digital display at your school. 

1. Give Local Businesses a Way to Advertise Their Products

A Boostr digital scorer’s table doesn’t just benefit athletic programs; it can also provide an innovative form of advertising for local businesses. Businesses that choose to partner with schools and purchase advertising space on a Boostr digital display are able to drastically increase their brand awareness among every fan that is attending the game. And if fans keep coming back and see a company’s advertisements week after week, they will be much more likely to remember the products and become a customer. 

2. Drive Revenue for Your School 

One of the top reasons to have a Boostr digital scorer’s table is that you can use it to drive additional revenue for your school. Local businesses can purchase the advertising space that your scorer’s table provides, and your athletic department can invest that money back into the athletic program. A Boostr purchase is the smartest investment you can make because the table will pay for itself and then some. 

3. Enhance the Game Experience 

Fans attend games for one main reason: to be entertained. So why not further enhance the game experience for your fans and keep them coming back every week? A Boostr digital scorer’s table can make your gym or arena look more professional, show roster pictures of the athletes, display your team’s logo, and provide an overall better experience for fans. 

4. Give Local Businesses a Way to Support Local Schools

Boostr provides the opportunity for a partnership between local businesses and local schools. Instead of paying for advertising through other methods, businesses can instead get the same brand awareness while also supporting local schools and their community. It’s a win-win situation for both the businesses and the schools. 

5. Enhance All Your School Functions, Not Just Athletic Events

Boostr can provide a better experience for all of your school functions and doesn’t have to be limited to the gym. This could include school signings, banquets, PTA meetings, or any other event where you could benefit from high quality, LED display. Because not everyone is a sports fan, you won’t reach as large of an audience if you only limit your display’s use to athletic events. Boostr’s multi-use capabilities are part of what makes it the perfect investment for your school. 

Boostr provides far more benefits for your athletic program than simply a high-quality display. Forming partnerships within your community, driving additional income for your school, and giving local businesses an opportunity for brand awareness are just a few of the reasons a Boostr digital display is a smart purchase for any athletic department.