Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing an LED Table

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Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing an LED Table

An LED table is a quality investment that can generate advertising dollars for your school or company, but it is no small purchase. When buying a digital scorer’s table, it is necessary that you completely understand what you are buying and the quality of the product. Boostr has put together a list of the most important questions to ask when purchasing an LED table, whether that be from us or from any vendor. 

  1. What is the millimeter/pixel pitch (mm)?

The first important question to ask might just be the most crucial. You not only need to ask what the pixel pitch is, but you should also verify this information on the back of the panel. If a company is being honest and has good intentions, then this information should be easy for them to verify. A lower millimeter number will give you higher resolution and clarity than a higher millimeter number. For example, 4.8mm is a much better option than 6mm.

2. What is the display panel height? 

Display panel height is equally as important as pixel pitch. You can verify the height by asking for a picture of the panel size. This should also be simple for the company to verify for you. The display area is incredibly important, as that is what drives advertisers to invest their dollars with you. That area is determined by the display panel height. 

3. What is the batch/lot number? 

Ideally, you want each of your panels to be from the same batch lot. This will ensure consistency in the color and clarity between the panels. If you are looking to purchase a new panel or replace a part, always make sure that the company you are buying from has panels in stock from the same batch. Even though a part from a different batch can be programmed to function, you will most likely see a noticeable difference in the presentation. 

4. What is the quality of construction? 

This is not always easy to define, and sometimes companies will try to ensure you that their parts are high-quality even if they are not. However, there are some things you can look out for when purchasing. Most importantly, there should never be any breaks in the display panel area. Boostr custom builds all of its tables based on size and criteria specified when the order is placed. That way, we can avoid this problem completely. 

At Boostr, we like to go ahead and offer all of this information to our customers so you can fully understand what you are purchasing. We understand that this is an important investment for you, and we go above and beyond to ensure that you feel completely comfortable purchasing from us. 


Boostr Digital Displays welcomes Troy Geiser to our team!

Boostr Digital Displays welcomes Troy Geiser to our team!

Boostr Digital Displays is excited to announce that Troy Geiser, the former Shoot-A-Way Vice President, has joined our team! 

Here’s what Greg Crowe, Co-founder and patent holder at Boostr had to say about this exciting addition: “When we started our company in 2012, we started from scratch. No one had ever heard of digital scorer’s tables. The only options on the market at that time were LED tables and backlit tables. Thank God, John Joseph, the owner of Shoot-A-Way, and Troy invited us to their warehouse in Ohio to explain our product and vision for our company. That was huge for us because there isn’t a basketball coach in the world who doesn’t own The Gun and use it in practice every day. I was blown away that industry titans such as John and Troy gave us the time of day, but they did and our companies have had a great relationship since then. The opportunity to have Troy selling Boostr Scorer’s Tables is amazing.” 

Troy added “This is such a great opportunity for me because Shoot-A-Way is the best shooting machine in the world and everybody knows it. I see the exact same potential in Boostr. I know by running advertising on Boostr Scorer’s Tables there’s no easier way to raise money for your school than to buy The Gun. Both of these products are totally changing basketball programs forever.” Troy Geiser will continue to be a part of Shoot-A-Way moving forward but has officially joined the Boostr roster! 

Troy will be over sales in multiple states and is looking forward to hearing continued success stories from coaches and athletic directors who use Boostr Scorer’s Tables and Guns to transform their programs. Help us in welcoming Troy Geiser to the Boostr family! And a special thanks goes to John Joseph at Shoot-A-Way for being such a strong influencer and role model for the Boostr team. 

We are so excited to see what Boostr can accomplish with this new addition to the team!

Top Five Reasons to Have a Boostr Digital Scorer’s Table

Top Five Reasons to Have a Boostr Digital Scorer’s Table

Boostr Displays can provide your athletic department with much more than simply a high-quality, digital display. If you are interested in providing additional income for your school, creating partnerships within your community, or enhancing a game or event experience, then a Boostr digital scorer’s table might just be the perfect investment for your school. Below are the top five reasons to have a Boostr digital display at your school. 

1. Give Local Businesses a Way to Advertise Their Products

A Boostr digital scorer’s table doesn’t just benefit athletic programs; it can also provide an innovative form of advertising for local businesses. Businesses that choose to partner with schools and purchase advertising space on a Boostr digital display are able to drastically increase their brand awareness among every fan that is attending the game. And if fans keep coming back and see a company’s advertisements week after week, they will be much more likely to remember the products and become a customer. 

2. Drive Revenue for Your School 

One of the top reasons to have a Boostr digital scorer’s table is that you can use it to drive additional revenue for your school. Local businesses can purchase the advertising space that your scorer’s table provides, and your athletic department can invest that money back into the athletic program. A Boostr purchase is the smartest investment you can make because the table will pay for itself and then some. 

3. Enhance the Game Experience 

Fans attend games for one main reason: to be entertained. So why not further enhance the game experience for your fans and keep them coming back every week? A Boostr digital scorer’s table can make your gym or arena look more professional, show roster pictures of the athletes, display your team’s logo, and provide an overall better experience for fans. 

4. Give Local Businesses a Way to Support Local Schools

Boostr provides the opportunity for a partnership between local businesses and local schools. Instead of paying for advertising through other methods, businesses can instead get the same brand awareness while also supporting local schools and their community. It’s a win-win situation for both the businesses and the schools. 

5. Enhance All Your School Functions, Not Just Athletic Events

Boostr can provide a better experience for all of your school functions and doesn’t have to be limited to the gym. This could include school signings, banquets, PTA meetings, or any other event where you could benefit from high quality, LED display. Because not everyone is a sports fan, you won’t reach as large of an audience if you only limit your display’s use to athletic events. Boostr’s multi-use capabilities are part of what makes it the perfect investment for your school. 

Boostr provides far more benefits for your athletic program than simply a high-quality display. Forming partnerships within your community, driving additional income for your school, and giving local businesses an opportunity for brand awareness are just a few of the reasons a Boostr digital display is a smart purchase for any athletic department.